Our Story

Our Mission: Our goal at Simply Life Home – to develop a more economically and environmentally sustainable diaper – has since grown into an entire product line designed to achieve a more holistic healthy life. To that end, we have grown three distinct product lines that are focused on inspiring moments of healthy living.

SimpleBeing: The first pillar of a holistic healthy life is the establishment of a healthy home. Our Simple Being products makes our customers feel more comfortable at home and provide simple solutions to some of life’s complex challenges. While our focus is on the home and the family, Simple Being is primarily baby products as holistic health is about all members of the family.

Raise Your Game: The second pillar of our holistic health model is an active lifestyle. From fun with the family to physical fitness, the goal of the Raise Your Game product line is to provide premium quality active lifestyle solutions that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Baymore: The third pillar of our holistic health model is preventative care. Unchecked, easily preventable health maladies can grow into more serious health issues. Baymore products are designed to encourage our customers to incorporate preventative health into their daily lives, by providing them with easy to use, accurate and reliable at-home health monitoring tools.

On top of our mission to promote holistic health, SimplyLife Home is also on a mission to give back. Our customer-first business model and rigorous product design process has led to rapid growth over the years, and we can proudly say that we have been able to donate over $300,000 to the nonprofit Feed the Children.

We greatly appreciate your interest in us, and we hope that we are able to play a part in your holistic health journey!

-The SimplyLife Home Team