Simple Being Pink 9 Layer Weighted Blankets

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The gentle pressure of our weighted blankets helps to reduce restlessness and promote tranquility, allowing you to sleep more snug and sound!

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Made of 100% breathable cotton fabric and filled with hypo-allergenic sand grade glass beads for superior comfort. Smooth and soft to touch to help boost your mood but help you fall asleep faster.
  • DURABLE: Features small diamond quilter for a more even beads distribution. Triple layer secured wrapped edges ensure that the beads won’t leak on the side.
  • GENEROUS SIZE: Large enough for full-body pressure therapy as you sleep. Recommended: 48''x78'' for twin bed and 60''x80'' for queen bed.
  • SEWING TECHNOLOGY: Simple Being weighted blankets are sewn for comfort and to last. Each blanket is sewn with a high SPI (stitches per inch) technology, 7-8 stitches per inch with only 3.5mm distance between the stitching. Our blankets also have two-ply 100g cotton padding which encases the beads in each diamond shaped compartment. Wedging the glass beads between the cotton padding, our high SPI and our triple stitching on edge of blanket ensures the beads stay encased.
  • CHOOSING YOUR SIMPLE BEING BLANKET: Pick the blanket size that is 10% of your body weight. For couples we suggest purchasing two individual blankets, so each person has the correct weighted blanket. Our blankets are supposed to be on the top of the mattress, covering your body and the blanket should not go over the edges of the bed. You can insert your Simple Being blanket inside of a duvet, securing it using the loops on the corners of the blanket.

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