Simple Being Bamboo Cloth Diaper Liner (100 Sheets, 2 Pack)

A cost-effective way to discard your little one's big messes.

  • 100% BAMBOO FIBER: Safe to use on your baby. Free from preservatives, fluorescent compounds, chlorine, alcohol, and other synthetic chemicals. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Ideal for your baby's delicate skin!
  • BIODEGRADABLE AND FLUSHABLE: Can be flushed in toilets that are in good working order. Won’t clog sewers and septic systems.
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE: Bamboo fabric’s porous nature allows it to wick and absorb moisture away from the body, keeping your little one dry, comfortable, and clean. Effectively prevents irritation and diaper rash.
  • CONVENIENT & PRACTICAL: Makes changing and cleaning diapers easier. Allows moisture to pass through while retaining solids to make laundering easier. Now you no longer need to scrape solids or pre-soak diapers prior to washing. Saves laundry time by half. It also helps reduce staining and extends the life of cloth diapers.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: High quality materials. 100 sheets per roll. 2 rolls per set. Great for any cloth diaper brand!

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